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While no members of the band claim to have ever performed progressive rock, we feel that best suits our sound. No sub-subgenres.



We've been at this for decades, and we have fucked up in every imaginable way so that we now can bring you only the good stuff. Usually.

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We record everything, process all of what we record, and publish most of it. Get it anywhere in the world, anytime, virtually free.


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Music and Other Things

If you've made it this far down the front page, maybe you're having trouble using menus, or maybe you're just thorough. Either way, here are a few quick links to experience some of what we have to offer. You should listen to some music, maybe look at some images, or find out more about the band. Thanks for stopping by.


What We're Doing Here

We like to play music. We've written a lot of different sounding stuff. We're not trying to project an image. We try to play what we think sounds good. Some of it might sound pretentious. Who gives a fuck. Listen to it. If you like it, come to a show. If you don't, there's 3499028347 other musical acts for you to check out.

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Media Delivery in the Twenty First Century

Okay this is how it works. I'll use an infographic. Or maybe just video.

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