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    Schizophrenic Rock Defined

    While no members of the band, past or present, are diagnosed schizophrenic, we feel that this self-applied genre best suits our sound as far as descriptions go. With so many genres and sub-genres it's pretty difficult to know what you're getting into. This is Rock and Roll, people.


    A New Approach

    Face it, there's just too many bands out there. Music is the best thing on earth, so it's great so many people are doing it, working hard to bring you new music. We're in the same boat, we're just always trying to come up with new ways to do it to make the experience more interesting.

  • Tested


    Plenty of Music

    We've been steadily toiling away for years, writing music that we think might be worth listening to. Enough has been stashed away that we now have a decent sized arsenal from which to pull on a nightly basis. We don't go out and play our new record every night.


    Watchable Content

    Streaming live music is something we always wanted to get into. Now, working together with some really creative new companies in Boston is making that a reality. We've set up quite a few test projects, making sure that this is something that can actually work. It is.

  • Delivered


    Every Single Show

    No matter where we are, or what we're playing, there's a stream going out somewhere. Sometimes it's worth checking out, other times its us in the studio just fucking around. Either way, if you're on board, you won't be bored. We promise.


    Virtually Free

    We don't like the idea of charging a lot for music. Shit, we don't like paying for music, so why should we ask you to do the same? Folks still have to pay to get into a venue, but maybe that will change. For now we're just trying to recoup the cost of bandwidth. Pennies.

What We're Doing Here

We like to play music. We've written a lot of different sounding stuff. We're not trying to project an image. We try to play what we think sounds good. Some of it might sound pretentious. Who gives a fuck. Listen to it. If you like it, come to a show. If you don't, there's 3499028347 other musical acts for you to check out.

Music and Other Things

If you've made it this far down the front page, maybe you're having trouble using menus, or maybe you're just thorough. Either way, here are a few quick links to experience some of what we have to offer. You should listen to some music, maybe look at some images, or find out more about the band. Thanks for stopping by.

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